Farm Signs for July 2017

Farm Signs for July 2017

Smit Farm Sign

Here is the Smit Farm + Yarn wood sign, with the est. date below.

Smit Farm + Yarn sign

Lynwood Farm Sign

Here is the Lynwood Farm Sign.

Boone Farmhouse Sign

The Boone FarmHouse sign.

Maniord Farmhouse Sign

The Maniord Farmhouse wood sign.

Barrow Farmhouse sign

The Barrow Farmhouse sign.

Barany Farmhosue sign

A very distressed "Barany" Farmhouse sign.

Birch Hill Farm Sign

This sign was requested from one of the train station examples, the "Birch Hill Farm" sign turned out great. It has a distressed black/gray background with off white lettering (and black frame).

Side shot of Birch Hill Farm sign



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