Farm Signs for June 2017

Farm Signs for June 2017

Farmhouse sign example

This is one example of a farmhouse sign, distressed off white background and black frame.

Farmhouse Sign side shot

Plain farmhouse sign bakery sign

Full picture of farmhouse wood sign Another common design (without a frame), this does not have any personalized name/date and makes a great gift.

Farmhouse sign with est date only

Above shows a Farmhouse sign with the established date only and no name.

Farmhouse only sign side shot


Dark themed farmhouse sign

Above would be my personal favorite, this farmhouse sign has a dark background with antique gold letters/accent and framed out. The background is a mix between painted and stained, to bring the beauty in the wood, and artificially wormed. Wonderful antique look, but still adds a blend of traditional so to be flexible in any spot you might put it.

Dark themed farmhouse bakery sign full picture

Personalized farmhouse sign example

Above is another popular design that features a drop shadow on the letters and embellishments besides the name and date.


Kohl Farmhouse sign full picture


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