Nautical Signs for August 2017

Nautical Signs for August 2017

Coordinate sign side shot

Nautical Coordinate sign with compass. Below shows the same design but with a border around the coordinates.

Nautical Sign with border

Homestead Coordinate Sign

Above, Homestead coordinate sign in distressed black.

Nautical Framed Harbor sign

The Skyy Harbour (Austin Lake) framed coordinate sign, in distressed blue with black frame.

Small coordinate signs with City/state

Small coordinate signs, New Jersey (in distressed navy) and Orlando Florida (in a natural wood stain).

Brown Coordinate Sign

Above, coordinate sign in dark brown (off white numbers and compass).

Coordinate Elevation Sign

Coordinate sign with Elevation (in distressed natural stain wood).

Dartmouth, MA coordinate Sign

In distressed white, the Dartmouth, MA coordinate sign in a distressed black frame.

White and Navy Coordinate sign

Coordinate sign with white wood and Navy Blue numbers/compass.


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