Nautical Signs for February 2018

Nautical Signs for February 2018

Showcasing some nautical theme signs made in February.

Below, showing some coordinate destination signs. Each one has it's own color variation and with a white frame.

coordinate sign collection

Closeup of the Naxos, Greece and Grand Cayman Island B.W.I. signs:

The Naxos Greece sign has a slightly dark Sky blue with off white lettering. The B.W.I. sign has a tropic background with antique gold lettering.

Below is a Seagrove Beach, FL coordinate sign in Navy Blue:

Seagrove Beach Coordinate sign

Similar style below, but with coordinates and compass only:

navy blue framed sign

Here is one below with an Established date:

Coordinate sign with date

This boat house sign below was adapted from the Beach house sign example. Off white background with dark lettering:

Boat House wood sign

Closeup of Boathouse sign

Here below I'm displaying the Beaver Lake sign, in distressed red and off white:

Rustic Red lake sign

Beaver Lake sign

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