Nautical Signs for January 2018

Nautical Signs for January 2018

A few nautical sign projects for January in 2018.

For all those who crave to bring a vintage nautical feel  to their home, this might inspire some ideas. Although there are many nautical decor ideas, this would make an easy statement piece to start with.

It is somewhat of an abstract art idea, but one that can be easily personalized at the same time. It has a subtle nautical theme, but with a bit of mystery especially for those that aren't familiar with coordinate signs.

Below, a coordinate sign with a navy blue frame and background, off white numbers:

Navy Blue Coordinate sign

Below, a similar style but without the frame:

Navy blue coordinate with no frame

The McAdenville coordinate sign:

McAdenville Coordinate sign

Here is a distressed green coordinate sign, with a brown frame (off white numbers):

Green coordinate sign with frame

Below showing the Chaumont Bay, NY coordinate sign with an antique background:

Chaumont Bay NY coordinate sign

While most of the coordinate signs have either a compass or anchor, this one has a house symbol. This example shows that any graphic can be placed between the coordinates:

Coordinate sign with house symbol

Below, a distressed black coordinate sign:

distressed black coordinate sign

Here is a dark distressed stain coordinate sign:

Distressed stain coordinates

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