Nautical Signs for June 2017

Nautical Signs for June 2017

Nautical wood sign Full coordinate sign picture

Above displays the off white with black numbers/compass, neutral colors like this work wonderfully in almost every setting.

coordinate wood sign plain This coordinate sign show navy blue against an off white background. Minimalist coordinate sign with no additional design.

Coordinate wood sign with city/state Coordinate wood sign full

Above shows a different design, one in a weathered driftwood style with the city/state displayed below the coordinates.

 coordinate sign red and blue

coordinate sign light blue

Coordinate wood sign side shot

This coordinate wood sign would be the first with light blue numbers/compass against white. I think it came out great!

Coordinate sign in frame Chagrin Falls Ohio

Here is a framed coordinate sign, with the city/state below the compass. Below shows a customer's photo of the sign in their living room.

Coordinate sign in living room

Coordinate sign with anchor

full picture of coordinate sign with anchor Another popular design, this shows how a sign could display a family name and coordinates. Note that the anchor design can be switched with something else, like a compass.

Antique white coordinate sign

 This coordinate sign shows an antique white background with black numbers.

Nautical Sign example

This is a new design, this example shows a sign with navy blue background and off white numbers/letters with a black frame. But this sign is different in that it does not have the compass between the coordinates, and instead has a ship wheel and compass on either side of the date (bottom line). Below shows the same design with a darker background.

Dark themed Nautical sign example

Nautical Sign Design Full Picture


For those who love the romance of the sea and all it's mystery, a coordinate sign will fit perfectly into anyone's nautical decor theme.

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