Other Signs for August 2017

Other Signs for August 2017

Barber's Railway Station Sign

Distressed framed Railway sign example

Fresh Herbs Dry Goods sign

Here is a Fresh Herbs and Dry Goods sign with a black background, and off white lettering.

Herbs Sign

Vandeusen Pathway Signs

Pathway sign above, shown with forest green background with terracotta border/off white letters.

Example of a personalized Warehome sign below:Custom Warehome wood sign

Closeup of Dever's Warehome sign

Here is a framed antique style Pharmacy sign (customized with date). Note, on these pharmacy signs (like all other signs), they can be customized with your own information.

Pharmacy Sign customized example

Garden Bar Sign

Here's something a little different, GARDEN BAR VEGGIES & MORE sign

Garden Bar sign front view

This would be a great home/garden sign or maybe for a patio.

This is a slightly different Apothecary sign below. Gray background, off white lettering and framed with CHEMICALS, PHARMACEUTICALS & CURIOSITIES below Apothecary:

Apothecary Pharmaceuticals and Curiosities sign example

Here is a sign made for Dual Brush Studios, adapted from the Tavern sign example...burnt umber background with gold letters and distressed wood frame:

Dual Brush Studios Antique Sign Example

Below is a Watch & Jewelry Repair sign made for Michael's:

Michael's Watch Jewelry Sign

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