Other Signs for July 2017

Other Signs for July 2017

Herndon Train Depot signs

Signs specially made for the Herndon Historical Society

The Depot is located in Herndon, Virginia and the Society has been bringing people together since 1971 interested in it's history. These are sold as souvenirs, in which the proceeds go to the historical society.

Old Train Depot sign

Hideout Bar Sign

Here is the Hideout Tequila & wine Bar sign.

Hideout Bar Sign closeup

Peterson's Tavern Sign

Here is an antique style Tavern sign, distressed dark burnt umber wood with gold letters and weathered black frame.

Framed Tavern Sign full picture

Failte Scottish Sign

This would be the very first Scottish sign made. You might have seen the Irish Fáilte signs with the shamrocks. This one you'll notice has a reverse accent mark (points to the right for Scottish), Fàilte, meaning "Welcome". The shamrocks have been switched with Scottish thistles.

Scottish Failte Sign with thistles

Green themed Apothecary Wood Sign

This is my favorite Apothecary sign, shown with green accent and frame.

Breakfast Served All day Sign

Breakfast Served All Day! This was a fun project, this sign has a red background with black lettering and white accent. It has a mush smaller frame attached compared to other signs. This sign is more retro than antique, and a great kitchen decor piece.

DeSantis Bay Lighthouse Sign

DeSantis Bay Lighthouse sign with coordinates. Distressed off white with Navy blue and nutmeg lettering.


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