Other Signs for June 2017

Other Signs for June 2017

Bakery wood sign

Bakery wood sign, art deco style

Bakery wood sign full picture

General store wood sign

The original general store wood Sign Treasure design.

General store sign full shot

Taber's General Store sign

Above shows a unique general store style. This one has warmer colors, dark red and gold, with a personalized name added. A dark brown border has been painted also.

Fresh herbs and spices Sign

Above: A fresh herbs & spices sign, paired with a Restroom sign. The herbs sign design is taken from the farmhouse signs.

Framed Soda Fountain Sign

Above: shows a framed "Soda Fountain" sign, with the bottom line "Shakes - Malts - Floats - Cones - Candy".

Laundromat wood sign

This would be the first Laundromat sign I made.

Sonoma Mercantile Sign

Sonoma Scone Company - Antique style Mercantile sign, with "Dry Goods - Hardware - Clothing - Gifts" below. 

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