Signs for April 2018

Signs for April 2018

Here is a vintage style "Remedies for the Eyes" that was made to go along with an Apothecary sign.

Remedies for the eyes

Eye sign full picture


Below, the "Lazy P Ranch" sign. Mocha background, forest green letters and black distressed frame.

Lazy P Ranch

The Weissenfels blacksmith sign, Horse and Farm Tools ~ Est 1919

Weissenfels blacksmith sign

The "White Horse Inn" sign, with gold lettering.

White Horse Inn Sign

White Horse Inn close up

Below, here are the signs made for "The Food Mill" in California. 

Food Mill Sign

The 1885 General Store Mercantile sign.

general store 1885 sign

The Paris "Maison de Pantoja" sign

Paris Maison de Pantoja sign

Paris Maison de Pantoja sign close up

The Old Mill Distillery and Hardwick Old Woolen Mills signs

Old Mill Distillery sign

Hardwick Woolen Mills Inc Sign

Martin General Store sign

Martin General Store

With a distressed black background, white letters and nutmeg border.Martin General Store Sign close up 


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