Signs for February 2018

Signs for February 2018

Here are some sign projects completed in February.

Below is the Canepa Confections sign made for an old candy display. The owner's family owned a candy and ice cream shop in the early 1900's in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Canepa Confections sign

confections ice cream shop sign

Below is a picture of the "Smith Town" Central Station sign.

Smith Town sign

Central Station Sign

Below, the Nelson family sign. Framed and made in a chocolate brown with antique white letters and gold accent.

Nelson Family sign

Here is the "Heimbach Haus" sign, in a distressed off white with black.

Heimbach Haus sign

This is a Tavern wood sign made with a teal background with distressed white letters.

Tavern wood sign in Teal

Welsh teal Tavern sign


 Tarpon House sign

Above is the Tarpon House sign with navy blue letters.

Below, Dave's Garage sign with burnt umber and gold, and a black distressed frame.

Dave's Garage sign

Below is the "Local Raw Honey" wood sign. This sign was a job to get just right, but was a fun project.

Local Raw Honey sign

Out of the Hive honey sign

Here is the Jim Bean Coffee Roaster wood sign, framed in distressed white and black.

Coffee Roaster sign

Below, is the Dad's Trading palace sign:

Dad's trading palace

Here is a "Good food - Good friends - Good times" wood sign, in umber and gold with a frame. Closeup picture below.

good friends food sign

good friends food sign closeup

Here is a Landscape design wood sign:

Landscape Design wood sign

Hansen Texas House

Above and below, the Hansen Texas House wood sign.

Closeup of Texas House sign

Here is Fuller's Mercantile Provisions sign in red with gold letters:

Mercantile sign in red

Here is an antique style washroom sign, normally with distressed black, but this one with granite gray letters/accent.

Washroom sign with gray

Here is Bruce Janzen's Real estate Co. sign.

Bruce Janzen Real Estate sign

Below is the "Chateau de Zom" sign (framed).

Chateau de Zom sign

This is the "Starvation Ridge Est. 1938" sign, modeled after the General Store sign:

Starvation Ridge sign

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