Signs for January 2018

Signs for January 2018

Here are some additional signs for January 2018. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment below.


Wood Fired Bakery Sign

Here is the "Wood Fired Bakery" sign. Rustic orange frame with antique white background, dark letters with a sage green accent/drop shadow. Subtext: "Bagels - Pastry - Luncheon".

Wood Fired Bakery sign full view

Below is the Milford, Connecticut Steam Baths sign.

Steam Bath Sign

Antique personalized Mercantile sign: Violet's Mercantile

Violet's Mercantile sign

Below, a distressed black sign with gold letters and off white accent: "The Book was Better"

The book was better sign

Most can agree on this :)

Closeup of The book was better sign

Here is the "Old Southport Inn" Tavern wood sign. Dark distressed with antique gold letters:

The old South Port Inn Tavern Sign

Closeup of Old Southport Inn Tavern

Picture below of a large personalized Farm sign (framed):

Wallace Farm Sign

The Beneco Coffee House wood sign, with award blue frame and accent:

Beneco Coffee House Sign

Here is the Harrison Co sign, for a real estate office:

The Harrison Co sign

The "East point LightHouse sign with directional arrow (non-distressed):

East Point Lighthouse sign

Here is a distressed Navy Blue sign with a distressed white frame, McDermotts Bar and Grill in New Jersey:

McDermotts Bar and Grill sign

Picture below of the "Lantowski Tasting Room" wood sign. Distressed off white, with dark lettering and gold accent (framed):

Tasting Room Wood sign

Here is an antique style dark red Mercantile sign, with gold lettering:

R and J Mercantile sign

Below is the Hickory Farms wood sign, with an antique white background and nutmeg lettering:

Hickory Farms Wood Sign

The "Smith & Co" sign, with the subtext: Portland - Brisbane & Beyond.

This sign is in a distressed black, with a red accent.

Smith and Co sign

This is a vertical Bakery sign, with a seafoam background and gold lettering:

Vertical Bakery sign

Below, "Realtor Coffee House" sign:

Realtor Coffee House sign

Here is the General store sign with red and gold accent on the G and S:

General Store sign with red accent


Any of these signs could serve as an example for custom work. Feel free to send a message anytime. Thanks!


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