Signs for July 2018

Signs for July 2018

A few signs for July of 2008...

Apple Blossom Mercantile signs

Apple Blossom Mercantile signs. Seafoam Mercantile on top, and kelly green Mercantile signs on the bottom. (Gifts - Sweet Treats - Souvenirs bottom lettering)

General Store Sign

Black/dark gray General Store 5 and 10 Sign

Red Groceries Dry goods sign

Red Groceries Dry Goods wood sign

Laughter is the Best Medicine sign

Above, showing Nama's Bed and Breakfast sign and "Laughter is the best Medicine" sign

Blue Library Sign

The Library wood sign with a sky blue background and black letters

Northwest Rug and Carpet Cleaners sign
Northwest Rug and Carpet Cleaners wood sign
Spice Cabinet sign
Spice Cabinet sign Close up
Spice Cabinet sign with nutmeg background and black letters
Sign with Main Street
Main Street sign (white with black letters)
Fresh Herbs sign seafoam
Fresh Herbs seafoam sign Close up
Here is the Fresh Herbs Strictly Pure sign in seafoam green.
Potting Shed Sign
The "Potting Shed" sign (black with white letters distressed)
Steep Tavern sign
Here is Stevenson's "Steep Tavern" sign, red and black letters on off white.
Critical Role sign
Critical Role sign in nutmeg with black letters/design


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