Signs for March 2018

Signs for March 2018

Here are some sign projects completed in March.

Showing below the Gibsonville signs: Soda Fountain, Anilorac Farm, Hursey's BBQ, Maple View Farm, Gibsonville Fire Department, ICE CREAM, Allie's Ice Cream/Confectionery and Doug's Old Fashioned Auto Care.

Antique Sign Collection

Gibsonville Signs closeup

Here are some signs made for Cooper Farm's: Men's/Women's Restroom, COFFEE and Craft Soda Fountain. Also large ICE CREAM sign.

Cooper Farm Signs

old Ice Cream sign

Below, a collection of signs going to Waukesha, WI:

Waukesha WI sign Collection

This is a specially made Apothecary sign with Burgundy accent and Bees on either side of "Crystals, Botanicals & Curiosities":

Apothecary sign with Bee

Apothecary Botanical Sign

Showing the Hot Brewed Coffee and Bake Shop sign with a distressed black background.

Coffee and Bake Shop

Here is the "Eve Madigan Boardwalk" sign, Smile because it happened! Distressed yellow with award blue letters and shell.

Eve Madigan Boardwalk Sign

Below, this is a different spin on the popular "Groceries & Dry Goods" sign, with the saying below being "...And sometimes Mice":

Groceries and sometimes mice sign

Here is a framed sign, with an off white background, black top/bottom line and palm green middle line "BAY GARDENS".

Framed Bay Gardens sign

Textiles and Provisions sign with aged yellow letters and nutmeg accent, made to replicate an old trade sign:

Textiles and Provisions sign

Below, the "Hancock Farmhouse Farm Fresh with love" and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse sign. Both made in an antique white with navy blue letters:

Hancock Farmhouse

The Logan Lighthouse sign below, with chocolate brown and navy colors:

Logan Lighthouse sign

Here is a framed PHARMACY sign with customization:

Framed Pharmacy Sign

This is a Framed Railway Station sign; with a Navy background, off white letters and black frame:

Clarks Railway Station

Showing below the Byer Family Lake House sign, with a combination of script and block typefaces:

Byer Family Lake House

A coordinate sign with Navy background, off white letters and nutmeg frame:

nutmeg frame coordinate sign

Here is a framed Apothecary Sign with the antique gold/black color combination:

Framed Apothecary Sign

Below is the NAUSET BEACH sign, with a teal background and white distressed letters:

Nauset Beach Sign

The OAR HOUSE sign below, with paddles on either side and decorative border:

Oar House sign

The Tedesco Family Lake House Sign:

Tedesco Family Lake Sign

The Gardener's Cottage sign:

Gardeners Cottage sign

Showing the antique style General Store Mercantile sign:

Antique style General Store

Below, Wicks Home Office framed sign:

Home Office Sign

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