Common Sign Sizes

There are several sizes to choose from and a custom size can be made. Sizes are measured in inches. The size also depends on the design of the sign, some are more squarish and others more rectangular. Here is a list of the most common sign sizes:

4.5 x 21"

5.5 x 24"

7.5 x 36"

8.5 x 42"

9.5 x 48"

11.25 x 55"

11.25 x 65"

11.25 x 72"

Note that signs can come with or without a frame. The frame is not needed, but provides a nice accent and antique feel. There are many examples in the store. If the sign comes with a frame, the size includes the frame.

The list of sizes below are great for coordinate signs:

4.5 x 28"

5.5 x 36"

6.5 x 42"

7.5 x 48"

8.5 x 55"

11.25 x 60"

The following would be popular for squarish signs:

11.25 x 28"

22 x 56"

The shipping cost is a combination of the overall size and weight of the package. Please keep in mind that anything much larger the following sizes will require freight shipping.

22 x 85"

11.25 x 96"

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